Reflections on The Art, Space and Time for Macroblogging

There is something magic in the expressions of intentions, and I believe they work only if you express them for yourself. My belief is that some intentions make things happen the way you envision it if you express them with the one’s sharing them, and yet some only if you express them, silently, for yourself.

I never got to the spot to actually get into regular “macroblogging”. Maybe it is in the language you use, programming yourself. “I will…” instead of “I am…”. And when it comes to my regular blogging in the longer format, here on my latest “blog lab”, I had a burst this spring, filling this Personal Community Hub with “what’s going on”. I went heavily into orchestrating stuff “offline” with projects and events, and once more: I faded out and did not manage to get stuff rolling with regular updating. Realtime web, social web, and so on – there I am very active. But, not here. The sidebars in this Personal Community Hub reflects that fact.

And, well – here I am, again. Yes. I am!

The Serenity of Night Time

I will now test a behavioural change, inviting a New Ritual to my life. This goes beyond a “Routine”. Rituals are important to get yourself “grounded” and “center” yourself. In a world with increased uncertainties (where you do not know the alternative outcomes), and reduced ability to “calculate risks” (where you knew the alternative outcomes), it’s more important than ever to know you and your self. To actively find and connect with what maybe could be grasped as your “birth vision”. And – in a future, uncertain, you have a larger portion of space and place to actually create the future. And if not, you expose yourself for the risk of “getting lost”. Whatever that means.

But one thing for certain – change is the only constant, and in order to change the change, you need to change: yourself. After all, life follows with death, and your time is limited. And in the Biggest Picture, the final outcome of this thirteen point seven billion year adventure called Universe would be one of two maybes. Yes, two supposed and anticipated alternatives. Either all the energy and mass will expand into a silent humming radio waves, similar to the cosmic background radiation still surrounding us from the Big Bang. A great “Darkness”, meguess. Or – the Universe will reach a piont, where the expansion is stopped, and the Reverse occurs. Maybe then, followed with another Big Bang.

With that said, you hear me. These thoughts occur in the “Serenity of the Night Time”. And, exactly this time of the Rhythm of the Day, I am writing, here and now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Right now. And I feel a harmony in doing so, at this time of the day.

Helpers in your Quest of Writing – the Magic of Music and the Pomodoro Technique

Exactly in this second I listen to “Need for Cognition” (created by the norwegian artist Hawk, and remixed by Planisphere), a progressive harmonic classic meditative beat and melodic piece, and the extended break – a pure bliss. And in this second, a transition to another tune occurs. The Mix.

In the right corner of the screen I have a little timer, that visually and with numbers illustrate a powerful countdown of a Box of Time, sized “25 minutes”. Now, in this second, 23:00 min/sec flashed before me. The Focus.

These two, combined – summarized in my concept of “The Pomodoro Mix” – with just a Full Screen Mode in the WordPress “new post” mode, and an equally Full Screen Mode in the Google Chrome web browser, it’s only me, the music, the counter and the text – where I get by with strength, power and energy, with an absolute minimum of internal and external interruptions.

Here is the key I have found, more than anything, to keep a key set of New Rituals, to be stabilized. Everyday habits. To truly get things done and making your Birth Vision come closer to a (Co-)Created Reality!

With that said, the timer approaches an end with some thirteen plus minutes of the second “Pomodoro Session”, and the posting needs some picture and a video, going along with the ~750 words. Which you see when this is published.

Let’s see what my time and energy approximately 23 hours from now gives! There is nothing like the beauty of the Lab. Developing. Creating. And see if things work. No more, no less, I call it a night. Happy to have us here! Submit, hit. Publish.

In the Flow! In Fluxum!

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