Building a Personal Community Hub

Hi – this is just a short note, saying that I just found the appropriate theme to build up the rest of this Personal Community Hub. So what you see at the moment is truly a Work in Progress!

The major mind-boggling work right now is to define the fixed categories that will be streaming in their respective flow partitions – to which you see some dummies for testing right now.

You will see categories being added, one by one, when postings are being added, one by one. The challenge is to get something that is enough to be separated from the rest, and being specific to live somewhat over time – sort of “defining key categories of your total lifestream”. It is very challenging from a personal point of view to get this straight, and I have identified this as the hardest part to “get my regular blogging more intense”. That was the thing that got my last blog attempt to fail, in retrospect. This balance in between hard and loose categorization. But I am at the end of the identifying process – so I will let it unfold itself shortly! Piece by piece, category by category.

Beginning when it begins. Beyond this posting.

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