Hello world! andersabrahamsson.org is back!

Last year, I established andersabrahamsson.org, my Personal Community Hub.

It was just a little too complicated, and now I will present a little more straight forward approach in the “invitation to my part of the universe”.

As you see, for the moment, just the standard WordPress installation with the default Twenty Ten theme. At the moment in the “theme swamp” wading around, looking for the appropriate theme. Expect alot of experimentation here, and I prefer “the transparent lab”, so you can watch me play around with different themes, with their pros and cons evaluated.

I might just even blog about the experience. Yes, why not? It’s a fairly complex task, to make a “one stop shop” to all “me”, reflecting all my different brands, my communities I am a part of, the various projects, and the core topics/concepts/ideas I converse and develop.

Last but not least – the general and personal coverage of my life, and loves. Including my family, my experiences as an aikidoka in development, my musical life and DJ-ing and all venturing in the name towards sustainability and an open world.

In short – a life in The Flow Society :).

Happy to have you in my streams!

And welcome back!

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