Closing The Books Of 2019 – The Worst Year Of My Life | #MikaTheHero #MikaTheAngel #NadineTheHeroine #HOPEFUL2020

This year we lost our little love boy Mika. The worst that can happen in your life, happened. Losing your kid.

At the same time we touched heaven in February, when he was declared well from the heart deficit he suffered from. So, all in all, he was well for a few months of his four year long life, our #MikaTheHero!

We who are still here, we are still being there for each other, and I will continue to be the best father I can be for Nadine!

Family and friends, I love you. Let the Love Force live strong in you and us! And that force includes #MikaTheAngel!

All in all, it truly has been an eventful and intense decade – too much to summarize in a single blog post.

I mobilize as much hope as I can for 2020 and onwards. Somehow, some way, we will make it.

So – declaring 2020 to be #HOPEFUL2020!


Pic: Top Nine of 2019 on Instagram.


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