Mika 18 months! | #blog101 #MikaTheHero


Today, Mika turned 18 months. 1 point 5 years. 547 days. And growing!

Here he is at our city library, again. We just love it. And hope, that he will grow on loving the temple of books and other media. The public sphere, with access to knowledge and stories of all kind.

Here he showed some slices of his radiant charming personality. Playing peek-a-boo with some tween girls around 10yo. Making them laugh. Giggling himself.

Before, we went to the first visit at the dentist, just an introductory small check, and general info. All things OK.

After, we went to the child health center for some regular checks and the 18 month vaccine of measles. Grows as he should: 10080 grams, 81.6 cm, 50.5 cm head diameter. Ten kilos of love!

It’s so wonderful with his time of here-and-now-only. “I am [present tense]”. And I hope to support him to be in this state. And rather grows with a Wanna Do, instead of Wanna Be. I believe it makes you more satisfied in your being, where your becoming then grows easier on you.

Anyways – I just love you Mika. The strongest force there is.

Just be.

Just so!

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