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Coming so far in the challenge, so good! From my own deeper personal experiences shared in confidence yesterday, this stream of writing, imaging and sounds relates to what comes directly from the communities I thrive and live by, with and in. The flow of everydayness, where the focus and filtering is kept to prioritize environments and events to enrich my understanding of what music does for health.



But how to define community? And what are the boundaries of a community? Hard to define, but I would say – community belonging marks a common interest, practice or denominator of some kind. I will focus three communities:

  1. Norrköping – the town/place I live in!
  2. My established social network – those reachable both ‘in real life’ and ‘virtually’
  3. The community of interest in my space and sphere of inquiry – the “Music For Health People”

Geographical community – Norrköping

In Norrköping, I can capture and share many impressions, of environments and people, while having walkabouts. Sometimes aimed, sometimes ‘random’. Visiting places, meeting people. On booked interviews or the spontaneous talks with known and sometimes unknown. The stranger.


The names of the parts of the city. Source: Gallerix (Fair Use).

Established network and community

Through the years, I have gathered a quite extensive network of contacts from all walks of life. On Facebook, I have something beyond 1000 contacts, and on Linkedin coming close to 1300 contacts. With some overlapping, I could maybe estimate some 1800 people reachable through direct communications of various sorts. The AndersAbrahamsson Dot Org – my personal commuity, in short!



The Communty of Practice – Music For Health and Well-Being

Here, a defined shared interest occur – and reaching out actively to new practitioners and theorists for various purposes, the reporting and interviewing will be essential also of this defined community.



Focus of studies and capturing

But what will my focuses be, when making these observations and engagements in the various parts of the Norrköping cityscape, in my established network, and exchanging ideas in a vibrant conversation with others sharing same strives and passions regards music for health?

I have identified three main interests of study;

  1. Soundscape diaries
  2. Musical safety nets and lifelines
  3. Music and productivity – music at the workplace and in the workspace

Soundscape diaries in short means capturing soundscapes of various kinds, and making short reviews of the local settings and what soundscapes are experienced. At town, in stores, in lobbies, at streets, at workplaces.

Musical safety nets and lifelines means what music you turn to when hitting that acute moment of crisis – what captures you when you feel like falling free?

Music and productivity – music at the workplace and in the workspace is a more focused application of and for music for health. How does music interplay when it comes to empower your focus, lower your stress and increase the feeling of flow and control?

The first two has already been subject of two synopses, and the third is in the loop of becoming so.

Which means – I will be happy to return to these three focuses of studies in dedicated, separate postings!


See Hear: Visual Image Gallery from London Sound Survey. Source:

Wednesday vs. Thursday Writings and their Sourcing – The Googleable and Not

The main division of the material showing up on these Wednesday Community Storytellings, and what shows up on Thursday Main Article sharing, is what is ‘already there’, mediated throug the (social) web at large, and what has not been uploaded to the servers out there. This means, third party referencing of all kinds will dominate the article writing of Thursdays, whereas Wednesdays will be subject of direct relaying of empirical material. In style and tone, I will keep a low key and ‘journalistic’ style of writing, in a highly accessible format on the Wednesday Writings, where Thursdays will be more of ‘popular science’ kind of writing – articles and essays including peer-reviewed science articles, talks/lectures and articles on the scientific side of things in popular press.

So – searching the stuff that already have been making its virtual footprints at the web at large on Thursdays, while making new contributions on the path of deeper understanding of Music For Health in my focused areas!

Of the obvious reasons – you are welcome to converse all topics related to the area! We are wiser than me!








The production of this posting was soundtracked by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, “The Shaman”, The Frequency of LOVE (528 Hz) by PowerThoughts Meditation Club, the 27-hour playlist “Dub Techno” by Jimmy Ghaderi, in shuffle mode, and Klartraum with Secret Moon Ultimate Edition (shuffled tracks and the dedicated DJ Mix). The posting is a part of the #blog101 challenge, where I dedicate 101 featured postings towards the subject Music For Health (#Music4Health).


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