Focus And Cats | #blog366 #SundayMeditation

I transform. In process. And that includes revamping the user experience of my blog flow here. The theme is outdated. I quit doing that tonight, when Uchi jumped up the koffice table. Koffice. Kitchen office. Laptop where plates, food and newspapers usually belongs. But I like the spirit of our kitchen, and much of magic stuff has happened in that space over the years. My focus gets clear. I get to be in the zone. Up until the moment Uchi wants his fur pampered. He hit buttons on the computer, got it logged out and put it in flight mode….

A Day Of My Life | #blog366

Brekkie. Two ways to fold a soft bread (“tunnbröd”) with cheese. Jippii – the Eurasier dog owned by Hedwig, Karin’s mother on a wonderful visit today. A dog afraid of passing a bridge over our stream Motala Ström – scary water! Me. Carry. Puppie! Later at night. Cuddle time! LOVE BOMB IN SOFA CORNER! When life is as it should be! Checking the hobby artist’s tools! Annual inventory :). Therapy for the mind and spirit. Mindful exercise training the here-and-now presence! Tea chill adds up to the experience. Karin going to bedroom with Mika. I stay a while and cater…

A Sort Of Coming Back

there is time // where is space // all has place —– but love, just is