Att ladda om | #blogg100

fantasin // ger gränser // noll betydelse — FotoNot: Idag tog Nadine drömmen om en egen smartphone några kliv närmare. Med Karins gamla miniräknare, ett presentsnöre och en sten med tuschmålade eluttag ligger “luren” nu på laddning här på väg att lämna Nadine på Värmlandstrafik snart i Arvika :).

Determinism | #blogg100

ingen väg // är stakad // överraskningens spelrum — FotoNot: Min kärlek Karin (via hennes konto @akrogirl på Instagram) fångade min älskade Nadine idag när vi hade familjestund hos min blivande svärmor Hedwig (också älskad och älskvärd). Vi spelade ett roligt tärningsspel som heter 30 000 :).

Maintaining Bonds | #blog365

  the letter // from one best friend // to another — Photo: Nadine, my daughter, just recently moved with his mother to Norway. While travelling to her new hometown Eidsvoll before New Year’s, the 27th, she made some messages and drawings to her best friend in Växjö – Stina. I posted them for her getting back to Norrköping some days later. I hope they will be able to maintain their sisterly friend-love over the years. At least, here is a first step – with the message on the letter – “Here is for you not to forget me”. Det…

Befriended | #blog365

  depicted // best friends // forever — Photo: Nadine draw an image of herself and her best friend Stina in Växjö. She draw it on her way to Eidsvoll, which she moved to at the end of this year. It was done on the first journey from Norrköping to Norway, intended to be sent later to Stina.

Joyfulness | #blog365 #haiku

reflecting // a life’s milestone // of speechless joy — Photo: Nadine’s illustration of herself smiling in her new bed/createspace combo, me and Karin – and how our happinness knew no boundaries last time she was here and got her new bed. This is a drawing from her pre-school done during this week in Växjö. — She calls it her “castle”. This magnificient piece of furniture, she now can call her own. As seen, we all was sooo happy! It is in those moments, you get what I call “near-life experience”. Or what the Swedish group called Hansson de Wolfe…

Decisioning | #blog365 #haiku

the everydayness // simplified // by visualization — Photo: Sent via the formidable WhatsApp when finally finding something to make a great and simple dinner for my beloved Nadine and Karin :). I had veggie sausage already found in the home freezer :). — Tired, now. Challenges, overcomed. Challenges, ahead. Will muddle thru, in order to survive, live and prosper in The Flow Society. All in the Name of Love! End of message :).

Wisdoming | #blog365 #haiku #SaturdayLove

the wise warrior // invites you // to embrace inspiration and creation — Photo: Yoda in Full Size Lego Model at the entrance of “Arbetets Museum” Norrköping (Museum of Work), at the annual Builder Weekend arranged by the Swedish Independent LEGO Community – Swebricks. — Second time around, and what a blast! Nadine and I had a fundamental highlight of Flow when we took part of and contributed to this magnificent Event. My SD Card and the Cloud Server Storages are jam-packed with images and some videos from an event that gave so much in so many dimensions, so I…