Music For Health – The Community Stories – An Intro | #blog101 #Music4Health #CommunityStories

Coming so far in the challenge, so good! From my own deeper personal experiences shared in confidence yesterday, this stream of writing, imaging and sounds relates to what comes directly from the communities I thrive and live by, with and in. The flow of everydayness, where the focus and filtering is kept to prioritize environments and events to enrich my understanding of what music does for health.   But how to define community? And what are the boundaries of a community? Hard to define, but I would say – community belonging marks a common interest, practice or denominator of some kind….

Music For Health – The Personal Experience – An Introduction | #blog101 #Music4Health #ThePersonalXP

“Coming to one-and-a-half year ago I collapsed. In the belly of my fiancée, was Mika. But we did not know then. That it was a Mika. But we knew we had a fetus with a heart disease, since a couple of weeks back. The anxiety and stress was raising. I wrote frenetically on my intended book – translated the first chapter to English. I was ready after an en excessively productive weekend in the fury of the anxiety. Sunday night, and I was a fragile fragment beyond reaching the goal. I was talking to my Karin, and we decided to visit…