Mika Memorial And Bye-Bye Announced Today | #MikaTheHero #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

Publically announced today. Mika Memorial and Bye Bye Ceremony, 29th of August 2019 in Norra Kapellet/North Chapel – Norra Kyrkogården/North Graveyard, Matteus Congregation, Norrköping. All who feel the calling are welcome. Swedish Facebook event is there. English mirroring of event will be published. Today we met the wonderful and for us sent priest Lisa Linderoth, who also took care of the Funeral of Karin’s daddy and Mika’s grandpa Hans, 2010. She remembered that. The outline of the ceremony is set. Afterwards we met with Mika’s godmother Hanna with family, and had a debriefing Fika alone with Hanna. Such a great…

Where The Remains Of Mika Will Land | #MikaTheHero #FamilyGrave #BEBEBE

  Here. August 29. 12.00. North Chapel. North Graveyard. Matteus Congregation. Norrköping. The World. Universe. #Thisworld. Invitation to #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye commencing in rounds, during the days to come. Announcement in Norrkpings Tidningar tomrrow. Love be with us. Mika be with us. Be with us. Be. Be! BE! WITH US!

Sofa Project – Before And After | #MikaSpirit #Everydayness #DODODO

Working our asses off today. In order not to be totally devoured by the #MikaMissing, we decided to go full on and clean a cornerstone of our temple – the sofa corner! Haven’t been done in years thoroughly. Shitloads of #MikaMemories. What to keep? What to throw away? Now, week three of grief has begun. Keeping strong. Doing heavy lifting. Literally. And cleaning out our love corner for a renewed flow of ‘what to come’. His presence – as always! – felt … Full on! Universe is bigger than we can think! But here is our spot for R&R, for…

Coping In Blue And Green | #MikaTheHero #GriefWeek2 #HOLDHOLDHOLD

Today we had a closure and debriefing with Mika’s child psychologist. An extremely tough session, pouring our heart out. She will follow up beyond the funeral – the truly critical part, as known. Help us out to make our days filled with meaningful activities, Mika, our peers both ‘there’ and ‘here’. Keeping our old rhythm and flow of days, food, sleep, walk and some news watching. Night time worst, but using techniques to “take me down”. Chamomile Tea with milk and honey. Banana. Kundalini meditation. Breathe in. Breathe out. Closing another day. HOLDING ON!

Mediwalking | #GriefWeek2 #MikaTheHero #MOVEMOVEMOVE

Meditation. Soundtracked by Faithless – Reverence. Magic. Healing. Åbackarna. Nwe Parkour training ground. Sharing Aikido Spirit, they are. Mika loves #TheOtherworldParkour, mefeels! Tombstone meeting, first loop. Went well. Long process. 10 weeks delivery from Fixation of the Future Archeological Material, now only Imagined. Felt Mika’s presence – ad always! Good night!

To do’s to keep you going | #MikaTheHero #GriefWeek2 #KEEPKEEPKEEP

Night time here. After a day with stuff happening, the darkness and emptiness is like mental terror. Coping, coping, coping! Phonecalls. The child psychologist. Memorial Service and Funeral related stuff. Library to turn back his last loan and tell what happened to two of the key personell there at the desk. A state of shock, transferred every time. One other at our local grocery store talking about it. THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! We went to the Worker’s Museum, meeting a close friend who will take a central part of the musical part of the ceremony who were with…

Grief Circle With Mika’s Other Home | #MikaLove

Today we met up with Mika’s circle of pre-school teachers, and yes, it was very very very tough, as expected. But, with the mutual love in between Mika’s “extra parents”, and him, it was both hard, and at the same time gave us the power to move on. We will prepare, many times, the coming months as it feels, for a challenge like this, meeting with everyone that Mika has given an impression upon. The #MikaLove Love Bomb Target! They will have a ceremonial and memorial service with his beloved friends, where I know they will be devastated! In his…

Mika Memorial And Bye-Bye – We Made The First Meeting At The Bureau! Seven Days And Nights Survived! | #MikaMemorial #GriefWeek

[More to come …] — Now. Sleep! Good Night, Our Little Big Rainbow Star – The Spirit of Mika! You helped us out during First Week of Grief! You are amazing, eternally beloved! THANK YOU! See you again 2078!

Mika! Come To Mamma Karin’s Dream Tonight! She Will Be So Happy To Meet And See You! | #MikaTheHero #Channeling #Wishing

“Tough night. It’s so empty on life. Of fuss. Of sounds. The emptiness is so numbing.” “Such a great missing.” Come and comfort mummy with your caring, love and full light being! — Now I will meditate on this. We are home. But a home without Mika is like s scattered puzzle, who used to be the 100 complete, now 98 pieces missing. Help us find these, one by one, and find ways to feel his presence more and more. Every moment ahead! MIKA – WE LOVE YOU 4EVAH.

Living the grief – and finding the healing | #MikaTheHero #RIP

Let the forest be our healer. In Grännäs, Valdemarsvik, at my mother-in-law Hedwig. Co-grief. Just took a forest therapy walk, and an evening tea after that. Now in bed. We will be here until Wednesday. Photos from back and front view from the house, “Hedwigsborg” – Castle of Hedwig. Sleep, holy sleep, come! And let Mika come through in my dreams tonight to hear him say he is ok! We survived – barely – the first night without Mika. Sleep came to us against all odds, in rounds of three. Mantras help! Yesterday every single breath was a victory against…