This Calling Began with My Daughter Singing “We Are The World” … | #blog101 #MyFamily #MikaTheHero #NadineTheHeroine #Music4Health #PhotoLog

… “We Are The Children” ! Truly! Good Night! (And the storytelling beginning last week continues another Tuesday.) Thank you Karin ♡♡♡♡♡ for capturing the Magic, Beautiful and Love-Worthy! A day of STRONG relief – at the visit with Dr Fernlund, the Heart Doctor – with a 70-30 something of keeping Mika’s pacemaker as-is! Deep breathing out of relief! Now. Sleep!

Visiting Anders Sporring in Märsta | #blog366 #Friends

Today we visited Anders Sporring in Märsta. Long time no see! We had a great full day, and made a dinner together. A great reconnect with love and warmth. Anders is my brother from another mother, and Mika’s fadder. Hope to see you again soon! We love you!

Closing a Circle – Ending a NadineWeek | #blog366 #photolog #NadineTheHeroine

Today. Leaving Nadine. From Norrköping to Arvika, then mother with her guy behind the wheel by car to her Norwegian home in Eidsvoll. Here, last leg – the regional train from Kristinehamn to Arvika, just before the arrival. A sad moment of separation. Last Saturday. The reverse. A happy reunion. Getting her from Arvika to Norrköping, here in the travelling to her Swedish home.  Soon again, we hope! Miss you already, Mika’s big sister! Until next time, be well, and hope you get a good last part of your Summer’s School’s Out! I love you unconditionally, #NadineTheHeroine!

W as in World, RE:LOVED | #blog26 #wishlist

The name of this blog – and my personal tagline/vision/mantra/force/motivation – is RE:LOVE THE WORLD. The About Page tells you what this means – “a world, re:loved, is a world where you meet your fellow human being with love and respect, and can expect to be met with the same”. The stream of news last days/months/years can makes your heart dark. But – if we leave all terror and alarmism in the press, the world, in fact, is getting better! There, graphs, presented in conjunction with prof Steven Pinker article in The Guardian – also, check Hans Rosling, always! – a TED…

L as in Loved Ones | #blog26 #wishlist

Let’s start off with some here-and-now pics. We are in Valdemarsvik for the weekend, arrived today with the full family, cats included. What we do and what happens – follow Karin on Instagram (@akrogirl)! I am sitting on the second floor of Karin’s mum’s lovely house. The Tablet shines. I have a little remote keyboard connected to it. Mindmapped where to take this posting. Directions. Loved ones! Yes. Family! But, before that – let’s make a little historical odyssey. All You Need Is Love – “it was 49 years ago today” Sgt. Pepper told the band to play! And, they…

F as in Family | #blog26 #wishlist

Mika and Nadine, today. Playing together in the part of our living room defined as the Playroom. Last day, this time, of a week spent with my daughter. Tomorrow we go to Arvika, where her other family picks her up to go to her other home, in Eidsvoll, Norway. It’s so wonderful to see the pride and love that Nadine has when being with Mika. They have connected deeper every time they have had these weeks. Xmas, Easter, Summer Holidays. I hope, and wish, that we get to a better life situation, all of us, so we can increase the…

B – as in Birthdays! (62!) | #blog26 #wishlist

I started yesterday with a blog challenge, with 26 wishes, from A to Z. It was my 50th celebration of earth rounds done around the sun, and now I feel being part of something I want to be in. The Wisdom Flow – for real. Maybe taken seriously, who knows? Anyways, now, it feels great! I am overwhelmed en masse from all the love bombing yesterday, primarily from my closest circle of family! Surreal, and so calm! You were there, so great, so full, so deep! Thank you Mika, Soto, Jippii, Deshi, Uchi, Nadine, Karin and Hedwig! Home, and then…

About Turning Fifty Rounds Around The Sun – Statement From A Train | #blog366 #SaturdayLove

Written off the grid at 1337 CEST on the Writer Android App, in the net shadows within the deep green ocean forestry of Värmland: “I am sitting on a train to pick up my daughter in Arvika. Tomorrow, I turn 50 years, according to SpaceLog Tellus. And there, I would like to focus this “statement”. I have defined away the “crisis” moment when counting decades. So irrelevant, unneccesary and stupid to live your life as-if turning these counts of orbital rounds around the sun should define when to really have a crisis in life? Let me tell you this instead:…

Swedish National Day – MikaFirstie! | #blogg100 #MikaTheHero

One year ago we had landed safely, at last, at the heart clinic in Lund, in harmony. We made it! Today we celebrated Swedish National Day in St Olaiparken, Norrköping. Love Power! Here he is, our little researcher! Sending waves of gratitude to Alpha Centauri and back!