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Three years ago. VJ backdrop behind me when I had my last livegig as a DJ. A screenshot. The sword. The focus. The small against the big. David vs Goliath. Or making things simple, the cut of the Gordian Knot at the Tower of Babel? Agreeing on the Universal Language of Music? Beyond, we go. Star Wars mythology introduced tonight with Mika and Nadine. Ep IV. A New Hope. Yes.  Landed well! Star Wars Soundtrack. Echoing. Lullaby. Music is my core element.  Goodnight!

Things Making Your Day | #blog366 #PhotoStory

We made a Longwalk today, Karin, Mika and I. Pokemon Go Halloween Special, extra rewarding for my Karin! Me, supporting. We had main target to visit a charity store in Ingelsta, where giving = fika! And we found some Xmas gifts already – books! And I am truly proud of Karin pushing her limits, out walking like this. Almost 12k steps. Yay!.  A visit to neighbouring toy store. Roar! Before going. In bed. Mika wants to govern the gadget! Photo by Karin – this time! At Hovet, Stockholm. Jean-Michel Jarre, live. Feeling the vibes from my friends, on distance. Will…

[BUMP] “aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] by NEMCOM | April 2012 – SoundCloud | #blog101 #GYMSession #Music4Health | #QUICKSHARE #STATUS

aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 by pomodoromixes #np on #SoundCloud

Mythologie by Delerium (ALBUM) | #blog101 #Music4Health #WeekendChill

Today, we had a need for a Deep Recover. We focused on doing something close to nothing. On the New Release inbox, I discovered an album by Delerium. Forever in my heart is the Trance Classic Remix by DJ Tiësto of Delerium’s “Silence”, we gave it a play. Yes, chill, was the word! Not intended to be a full review, view it just as an album tip. Enjoy!

To Clean A Toilet | #blog101 #Music4Health #SoundTracking #Life #ToiletCleaning av Anders Abrahamsson

MUSIC FOR THE WEEKEND!  Why not go ahead and clean that damn toilet? Why? Well, you know the answer … PS. A warning. When you are focused, in the zone, in your element – in short: IN FLOW – be there.  In 25 minutes, then 5 mins break, then 25 minutes, again! Complete. Done. Check. And what might occur? Cleaning the full bathroom … or at least taking that grungy, shabby, dirty hole where the water runs out under the bathtub. While at it! Get my point? But a nice clean toilet to enjoy after a proud work done is…

A day in Stockholm City | #blog366 #Stockholm

Today we went to Stockholm City. A visit at a penstore, Pokemon hunt in Gamla Stan (Old City), and a visit to Kungsträdgården and Moderna Muséet  (Museum of Modern Art). In full sunshine! A great day! Some pics! Mika at the subway on our way in. At the pen store. Pen paradise! Bought a present to Hanna who has been taking care of our cats at home. At Lundabron, Söder, on our way to Gamla Stan. The City Hall in the background. View from Moderna Muséet. Some art! Pop art. Power Nap. This caught my eye! A fine day coming…

My beloved’s brother Roland with family – Frisbee Golf Firsties | #blog366 #Family

Today we were having a special brekkie prep! Mika “reading” a wordbook. Fruits and berries! … also in our glass! So. Ready to meet and do … Roland learning me the drills of Frisbee Golf. Fun! And approved as a n00b / rookie. I felt that my aikido helped me in the game! Focus, moves, energy and so. I had one on Par. No 13, lucky number? The date of Karin’s b-day in January! And I was best once in one “hole”. But, I compete with myself, to be better. And having fun! Viktor, their son, with Mika. Roland’s wife…

Posting Post-Kraftwerk | #blog366 #status #photolog

Chronologie. Reverse. Time. — ^^ above … Ultra Energy Save Mode on Gadget. Photos taken via Twitter Photo App. Then. Off My Gadget. Mine, that is. I cannot go beyond this, in my posting. Right now. Epimagic is not enough. Priceless? Speechless? They exceeded my realistically high expectations. Placed alongside a few as Shared Number One Live Music. Ever. — Note: This post is back-dated. The blog-every-day #blog366 challenge (a keep-the-chain-challenge) has my own rule. Let one posting reflect the day. Back-date if necessary. Journalling of sorts if not a specific other blog challenge is there to flow. I think this is…

Dream to fly, ice cream to eat | #blog366 #photolog

Nadine and I saw a 3D/360° film at the Dome of Visualiseringscenter C today, via gift cards from Anna Öst (A 50 year b-day gift – thanks!). It was a cool half hour with the film Dream To Fly, about our dream to be up in the sky. Edutainment! Later in the afternoon, we ate icecream at Halvars Glass. Great! Thank you Hedwig for making it happen! I also trained aikido tonight, so yes. I am really tired. Good night!