Project Family? An Oxymoron? Maybe … | #MikaLove #MikaMissing #MikaReunion

Illustration … A pic saying more than a thousand words.

Cleaning. Making order in chaos. Walking. First with Karin. Then alone. Picking up a bunch of books from Uni Library. Making food of prefab stuff, three sources, mixed. TV, with flashbacks from Danish Nursing History as key show – besides news and a cute docu of a Norwegian senior from far up north going to London. Chamomile tea with honey and milk. Taking care of cat litter. Getting them food and fresh water for their night. In bed. Blogging. About some key events through the day. Soto, Karin and me in bed. Soto chasing flies . Looking at our dream catcher and Gustaf Klimt reproduction.

Now. Sleep.

Good. Night!

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