Blogg 100 – sixth year in general, fifth year for me! | #CommunityWednesday #blogg100

We are #blogg100 – the community of bloggers who take on the challenge to blog 100 postings a day, in one flow! I couldn’t resist taking part this year again :).

After completing my self-defined challenge #blog366 last year – one posting, every day, during one year, I felt I needed a break from that tempo, and during February, my blogging frequency decreased. A break needed to find energy to also write about something beyond the most important I have – my family!

Some important stuff has happened lately, regards my web presence. I have activated my dormant Instagram account again, and with that I changed my Internet alias. For years I had @sliceonline, but now, I have unified my ID to @relovetheworld! So there it is – I am here, on my own web hub, writing in my own personal name, and the blog name now is reflected with a unified ID, with Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and also in the loop launching a connected Facebook side.

I will go lean with the blog challenge, just some postings on the few but important things I care about. Still, my family and our life together (mostly represented by my Instagram flow from now on), where I might find a rhythm to post weekly summaries on what has happened during the week, instead! But also, adding my old hooy horses, in a new dressing – first and foremost music, where I also will share experiences with sound and music for health here and there! You will see it unfold.

I have learnt so many times now, that intention/ambition and reality/result are two different things, so I am not using sentences with “I will/I shall” regards coming content! The space for writing is surely defined by the conditions of our everydayness – but what holds promise is that Mika has started a part-time in the daycare (some two weeks ago we started the introduction, and now he is fully in the flow), together with the work trial I begun Monday (which in itself will build a base to generate content here, since a part of my work trial includes researching on ‘music for health’), where I will attend half-days Mondays and  Thursdays. More on that in a separate posting!

The unifying theme for the blog challenge is to stand up for the blog as a veichle for the free speach, and as an instrument to express and manifest your voice. This, in a time where “fake news”, propaganda and attacks on the independent media are frequent.

OK, so here we go!

Hope you will enjoy it!

Read about the challenge (in Swedish) here, and an interview with the founder Fredrik Wass, here!

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