№ 2 – The Core | #blogg24

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Second of 24 postings, counting down to Christmas.

The core. The things that defines you. The most important.

I feel the core of me will provide itself as themes for some postings ahead, in this little blog challenge of #blogg24.


My everything. I love you.

Karin. Mika. Nadine. Soto. Uchi. Deshi.


An integrated life philosophy, not just a “martial art”. Ai – harmony. Ki – life energy. Do – the way. Practice, and you will learn. Be in the flow of AiKi, and you will find the way to it. Do. With the practice, I keep centered and focused.


My omnipresent pure energy source. Thank you for being there, in the most harsh of times in my life, when no one else was around. Thank you for being there, in the peak moments of life. Thank you for being there, placing a lining of gold in my everydayness.


To write, therefore I am. Nothing presents a way to get into the zone of focused insight generating, like writing. Blogging every day keeps that momentum flowing in my life. I have very much unwritten. Yes. Wonderful future!

Music for health.

Thank you for presenting yourself as something I could dedicate my full professional life to, onwards and ahead. A pure dream would be to get into formal research into it, one way or another. Working for it, as we speak. Rules: Have patience, have endurance, have joy – and you will get there! Targeting is halfway to reach there.

Yes, someting like that.

Let the rest of the blog posts in this challenge evolve from these points of departure, and see where we end up!


    1. Hmmmm … vet inte vad jag ska svara på den, mer än att du och jag behöver ses IRL och fylla igen några luckor (underdrift) av vad som hänt i våra liv. Ja, överlevda helveten leder till tillväxt (googla PTG – post-traumatic growth), men livets konst har också vetenskapliga dimensioner där både kunskap och visdom förbises. Där läkekonsten är en av de insiktsgrenar som verkar vara “the last frontier”, för att låna en “StarTrekkologism”. Kort och gott – gräv djupt i fickan efter några Bitcoins och växla in dem mot en Swebussexpress till Norrköping. OK?


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