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The name of this blog – and my personal tagline/vision/mantra/force/motivation – is RE:LOVE THE WORLD. The About Page tells you what this means – “a world, re:loved, is a world where you meet your fellow human being with love and respect, and can expect to be met with the same”.

The stream of news last days/months/years can makes your heart dark. But – if we leave all terror and alarmism in the press, the world, in fact, is getting better! There, graphs, presented in conjunction with prof Steven Pinker article in The Guardian – also, check Hans Rosling, always! – a TED Playlist with all his talks, enough! Keep – HOPE!

The premier means for me is to focus on my family, and together with that – see what I can do in the field of “Music For Health”, which is work-in-progress for the ‘How’ details.

Family. Yes. Here! RE:LOVE THE WORLD!

Photos by Karin, and one by me.

mika-anders-gunga-vasaparken-20160718_1343 mika-karin-anders-sandgatan-20160713_2015 mika-karin-gunga-folkparken-20160716_1701 mika-norrkoping-saltangen-20160711_1625 mika-playing-kitchen-20160711_1503 nadine-mika-anders-soffa-20160701_1949 soto-uchi-deshi-kitchen-sandgatan12b-20160711_1843

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