F as in Family | #blog26 #wishlist


Mika and Nadine, today. Playing together in the part of our living room defined as the Playroom.

Last day, this time, of a week spent with my daughter. Tomorrow we go to Arvika, where her other family picks her up to go to her other home, in Eidsvoll, Norway.

It’s so wonderful to see the pride and love that Nadine has when being with Mika. They have connected deeper every time they have had these weeks. Xmas, Easter, Summer Holidays. I hope, and wish, that we get to a better life situation, all of us, so we can increase the time they can get to deepen their bond.

There is so much, all in all, I wish – individually, as well as collectively – for our family and its members. This is one wish. Nadine here, more often. Next time at the other half of her summer holiday, in August or so.

I can only conclude – tonight – that I make best justice for wishes for my family, to take that in a series of postings.

So, be it. My kids playing, filling me with hope, love and energy.


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